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środa, 11 kwietnia 2012

Yarn Along


It's my first time in the fun called Yarn Along created by Ginny from Small things blog.
The fun is about knitting and books.
This week I'd like to finish knitting Juliet for my dear friend Margaret. Now, I'm knitting the first sleeve, and it's really  boring. I need to knit both sleeves and the lower border to finish the jacket. And fasten the buttons - for some reasons it's usually  the worst part of each project.

 Now few words about books. Last week I read Naszyjnik z Madrytu (Necklace from Madrid). It was very fast to read and fast to forget about. One more story about a betrayed woman, divorce, finding a new guy and their happy living together.
Now I'm reading Spadkobiercy (The Descendants).

2 komentarze:

  1. Your knitting is so lovely!! I hope you have a good time at your first yarn along :)

  2. it looks like a beautiful knit!


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